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Turbine Aftermarket – spares for sale

Turbine Aftermarket – spares for sale
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EUROPE & USA: The Aftermarket … how Sauer and Huyzer are driving spare part procurement hard to guarantee longer wind turbine uptime.

Jochem Sauer and Marc Huyzer understand the need for excellence of service, and the need for global reach of parts to guarantee the uptime of their wind turbine customers. Their e-company, Spares In Motion,  creates transparency and availability for most of the world’s leading brands to some of the world’s toughest customers – those people whose biggest consideration is loss limitation. These customers need spare parts to reduce down time of their wind turbines.

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It can be the case that the spare part is available with one of their colleagues who operates the same type of turbine, but how do they know? Spares in Motion creates transparency and makes visible where spare parts are located, increasing the availability of parts without having to invest in additional parts. Spares in Motion could be seen as a virtual warehouse.

“Our mission is connecting supply and demand for the wind turbine aftermarket.  If we  can get to connect buyers and sellers that can support each other by creating transparency  through our online marketplace – then we can hold our heads high” said MD Marc Huzyer. “It’s down to delivering Top of the Edge customer satisfaction”.

Sauer and Huyzer cut their teeth in the aftermarket support for regional aircraft, Sauer as commercial director responsible for Component and Material Services for Fokker Services, an Aerospace company active worldwide. In this role projects were completed with significant impact on operational excellence. Huyzer joined  Fokker as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt to accelerate development in word class operational excellence and in various functions as Supply Chain Management & Logistics manager.  International experience was gained in China, Turkey and the USA while working on an international Global Supply Chain project.

Both realised that the products developed in Aerospace could be of great value for industries with similar characteristics … Wind turbines have the same characteristics as aircraft. “After discussing  our ideas with several specialists out of the wind turbine industry we decided to translate these added value services to the wind turbine aftermarket by setting up Spares in Motion. We have a database of some 6000 products for all the leading manufacturers in Europe and in America. And we believe in complete independence, reliability and transparency. Our reputation is everything”.

Spares In Motion is well positioned for further growth. A large Nordic utility has started a de-commissioning project for 80 wind turbines and the recent introduction of our platform is strongly taken into account on how to optimize this operation (eg by either selling the second hand wind turbines via the platform or by selling the main components via the platform).  Both options are more sustainable than scrapping them.

Spares in Motion operate on a global level and with a global brand portfolio of products and services for wind turbines such as  Vestas, Nordex, GE, NEG Micon, Gamesa, Acciona, Bonus/Siemens, Fuhrländer,  and Lagerwey.
E-business portals are driving change in the wind turbine aftermarket. Greater transparency means more options and choice for buyers, thereby enabling them to choose the right part and service for them. “Our basic goal is to lower the Levelized Cost of Energy for wind power and thereby making it a very good option for power generation”.

As well as supply and demand for wind turbine spare parts, Spares in Motion also have a global database of service providers from maintenance training to crane support to lightning consultants to blade repair and maintenance providers. “Spares in Motion is a buy/sell business and we are always looking for more stock. We currently have over 4000 products and services for sale and buyers are invited to come and take a look.”

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