Street rockets – NEW BRANDS set to dominate as bike world sleeps

Street rockets – NEW BRANDS set to dominate as bike world sleeps
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Whenever a new innovation comes along there are new brands created. And occasionally other lead brands will try and steal a slice of the cake for themselves just because they are well positioned to do so.

Inside the traditional bike world the leading brands are sitting pretty comfortably to take control of the emerging market in eco-friendly electric bikes. So where the hell are they?

Is this complacency because of the slow kick-off and take up for electricalisation? Do they think that electricalisation is a non-event? Or are the major brands too focused on post London Olympic / Tour de France sales as unmotorised cycling enjoys a very strong take up as a me-too sport?

So maybe it’s up to the innovators themselves to carve out the new market, to position themselves and to gain brand awareness while the brands who could actually dominate are looking away.

Well here is a warning to them  “Don’t get caught napping in your too comfortable beds. There is a sunami of interest in super e-bikes building across 5 continents”.

The NEW BRANDS are on the march and the sales books are starting to fill … in Germany, Hungary,  Poland, France, USA, UK, Brazil, Australia, and Canada. It just needs the Chinese government to legislate on electric bicycles the way they have with electric cars (they are demanding 5 million new electric cars in Chinese cities by 2020) and the existing bike brands will miss out literally wholesale. And the new kids on the street – the eROCKIT, EVObike and M55 brands of this brave new world – will dominate, just like the brand new brands in extreme sports have done in the past 10 years.


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