Street rocketeers demand new safety helmets/clothing

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With e-bikes now exceeding 55-60mph new safety helmets and clothing is essential. But where are the designers?

Harley GrandpaEver seen a Harley ‘grand-dad’ in his full regalia? You know what I mean, a guy reaches 55 and then decides to go back to his routes by buying a chrome-laiden babe magnet. And he buys a big helmet with full wifi, bluetooth, a DAB radio jammed at Radio 2 where nowdays even Johny Rotten is acceptable, and a full-armour bike suit that makes him look like a dough man.

Now imagine that same fashion trait on a pushbike and that is the current choice that super e-bikers have for getting around safely in.

So where are the fashion gurus for this amazing new trend? Where are the Chris Broadman innovations in suits and helmets? Where are the new materials providing supreme safety and comfort and waterproofing without looking like a severe case of anoraksia.  We are only talking 60-65mph top speeds here to protect against.  Hell, Kevlar is good enough for that.

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