WDTE is keen to promote all new ideas in ecological design (ecodesign). Subject to editorial approval, we will promote your new products – or upgrades to existing products – at no charge for the next 3 months. That is, until 1st November 2013.

So, if you have any information you would like to share with our informed audience please send to: in the first instance.

Here is a list of subject matter we would be interested in:

e-BIKES – new designs, faster speeds, wider travel range, new battery design, electric charging, new helmet design, new clothing design, better LED lighting, Sport Events, Exhibitions, e-Bike insurance, legal status for driving licences by individual Country. Other.

DITTO for electric cars, electric motor bikes, electric helicopters etc. Other.

ENERGY – solar pv development, grid tarrifs, commercial solar panel development, commercial wind turbine development, home wind turbine development, water power, biomass development, nuclear fission development, fracking. Government statements. Other.

ECO LIVING – clean water from air development, desalination development, new building materials development, new architectural designs in wooden homes, carbon emission reduction development. Other.

PEOPLES – the new design or thinking innovators, the new racing/endurance sport champions, political stance, celebrity supporters. Other.

EVENTS – Eco manufacturing exhibitions, contemporary Eco-design exhibitions, Sport events /e-bikes /e-cars, Eco Conferences. Other.

ENVIRONMENTAL – Eco clean up innovations, scientific solutions. Other.

Please note: press releases will be kept factually correct, but we reserve the right to adjust the style to our own editorial style to keep consistency throughout the magazine.

Many thanks.


The wdte Team