Lights still out for Electricity Museum

Lights still out for Electricity Museum
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I can’t help but think that Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) have completely missed the point in closing down one of the few remaining electricity museums in the UK (at Christchurch).

Problem is that THEY STOPPED COLLECTING. Now what is a glaring omission to the museum is the latest technology which is starting to push the outer limits and take the technology-demanding world by storm.

Where is Bluebird Electric, electric motorbikes, electric road cars, the first electric helipcopter, electric boats, wind turbines, solar panels, nano batteries, supercapacitor batteries, led lighting, ipads, iphones … the list is endless and constantly evolving. This would make a grand show and day-out for any innovation enthusiasts.

Here we are entering the most exhilarating and fastest moving era of electrical development EVER and we are about to lose a brilliant record of where it all began. SSE = SHORT SIGHTED EMUs!

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