E-bikes – where can we ride them?

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Bike lane confusionIn the UK –  and in many other countries – the new electric bikes are posing a problem for governments. When are they a bike and when are they not a bike?

Simple motor driven bicycles with a speed of 15mph are considered unsafe to drive in cycle lanes. However, many ‘traditional’ bicycles now attain that kind of speed with human power.

The electric bikes are deemed safe to ride on our roads though. Yet how frustrating is it for any car driver stuck behind something travelling at only 15mph?

But the super e-bikes which travel at +50mph are posing the biggest problem. They are banned on our roads unless travelling sub 20mph because nobody at government level has yet ruled what they are, or even worked out how to grade them outside of the world of internal combustion engines which are measured in cubic capacity (CC). There is no CC for electric bikes, only (WC) wattage capacity.

Mostly, our super e-bikes are relegated to off-road track riding. A pretty dangerous sport if you should tangle with a tree or a bush at 50mph.

We need proper legislation for riding faster e-bikes on our roads. And it should be universal across Europe. Super e-bikes have a place on our roads. Let us please just get on and do it.



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