eROCKIT eating up European cities

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It's Austrian designed, German built and eating up cities all over Europe

E-RockiteROCKIT is a new way of urban locomotion with a zero emission electric drive. It was invented and developed by Stefan Gulas in 2005 and with various modifications is now in full sales production. They call it the human hybrid as an allegory for a new vehicle.

It combines the performance of an electric motorcycle with the handling of a bicycle.

Looking like a motorcycle with pedals, eROCKIT lets the driver obtain speed control through pedaling. The faster you pedal the faster you drive. Unlike other electric vehicles eROCKIT requires light physical involvement from its driver. Acceleration up to 80km/h can be achieved with a range of 60 – 80km. The driver becomes part of the engine and almost feels like the engine itself.

Of all the new super e-bikes coming through to market, eRockit is a great riding experience with massive acceleration and not daunted by hill climbs or wet weather. This e-bike is a great example of German/Austrian engineering, a BMW of e-bikes, with massive performance. For getting around a large city at any time of day this vehicle rates in Top 3 Worldwide at the moment. Above all, it gives you that smile that any kind of performance biking should give ….


eROCKIT website


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