Coal – return to the dark side

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So Germany has turned to good old coal power plants just as India and China have. The German fixation on green energy programs, especially solar, seems to be waning. Solar power – never a good option in Germany – has failed so far even with massive subsidies. Wind power has delivered only localised good and nuclear is politically unpopular.

German lignite and hard coal power plants and gas plants delivered 12.4 percent more power in the first half year, according to figures by the Federal Association of German Electricity (BDEW). As a result, German greenhouse gas emissions will rise again in 2017, just as they already did in 2013. In 2014 lignite and hard coal power plants emitted approximately four percent more CO2. The data for the first half of this year now show that this trend will significantly worsen.

Good short term result for German energy supply. But let’s hope your emissions stay over Germany – nobody else wants them.

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