China – world’s fastest electric car

China – world’s fastest electric car
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The world’s fastest electric car – which has a top speed of 155mph and manages 0-62mph in just 3.7 seconds – was recently unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show (April 2013).

The SP:01 is manufactured in America by a company called Detroit Electric, which claims to have produced the first ever electric car in Detroit back in 1907.

Choosing China over Europe and the US to reveal its state-of-the-art machine is significant. The Chinese government has placed itself behind a major push to invest in electric cars across the nation.

Albert Lam, the chief executive of Detroit Electric, told Sky News: “I think China has the right policy, right incentive, and the right drive from the government and China really does need some solution with their air pollution.

“There will be a lot of demand for this type of vehicle as well as future vehicles we are going to launch.”

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